TD102038 DEX8 1/8 Buggy Electric

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Part Number: GP-TDRC0302


Product Description


The DEX8 is a precision engineered 4WD race machine that will let you accelerate towards your next podium. Experience quick servicing, hassle-free set-up tuning and long-lasting durability, straight from the kit box. Battle for every second; command innovative Team Durango features that are specially designed to make you faster. Become faster on your pit table and faster on the track. Pilot an all-new thoroughbred electric Buggy and feel what it takes to perform at your highest potential.


Your race machine features our Patent Pending Team Durango sliding gear mesh. This super-innovative feature allows the heavy 1/8 scale electric Motor to always stay in the same position, regardless of adjustments you need to make.

  • Equalised weight distribution for consistent handling
  • Fast and easy Pinion changes for efficient gear tuning
  • Easy-access centre Diff with no disruption to Motor position
  • Make your pit servicing faster so you can hit the track before your rivals


Discover the key to fast and stress-free race kit building with our premium pre-assembled parts. Get into the race action faster than ever before. Push your vehicle harder knowing you can trust Team Durango pre-built assembly quality.

  • Trouble-free assembly for reduced kit build time
  • Factory-quality pre-built items reduce opportunity for errors
  • Hit the track faster than your rivals


You can easily create custom weight configurations as you experience the increased speed and consistent handling of Pro Battery layout options. Experience reduced lap times and agile jump-handling as you explore new exciting options.

  • Easy-access Battery position tuning inserts for fast configuration changes
  • Take control of your vehicle weight distribution without complicated mathamatics
  • Gain the track advantage over your rivals


  • Shassis: 3mm Precision Anodised Aluminium
  • Drive: 4 Wheel Drive - Shaft type
  • Shocks: 16mm Aluminium Body - Oil-Filled - Bladder or Emulsion set-up
  • Shock Towers: 5mm Precision Anodised Aluminium with Multiple tunning options
  • Motor Mount: Precision Aluminium
  • Differential: Front - Midle - Rear - Oil-Filled Gear Diff
  • Gemometry: Adjustable Camber - Caster - Rear Toe in - Droop - Anti-Squat - Shock position - Battery position - Kick-up

Required to Complete

  • Radio: 2 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
  • Motor: Racing specification 1/8 Brushless Motor
  • ESC: Compatible with selected Motor
  • Servo: High-torque steering Servo
  • Battery: 2x 2S 7.4V LiPo -Minimum 5,000mAh Per Cell
  • Battery Charger: Compatible LiPo Charger
  • Tyres: 1/8 Off-road
  • Wheels: 1/8 Buggy - 17mm Hex Fit
  • Pinion Gear: Number of Teeth to be determined by Motor and Gearing requirements
  • Shock Oil: Silicon type
  • Dif Oil: Silicone type



  • Lenght: 522mm (20.6”)
  • Width: 307mm (12.08”)
  • Wheelbase: 323 – 327mm (12.7” – 12.9”)
  • Racing Weight: 3.2kg/ 7.05lb APPROX (Dpendant on installed electrical items)


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