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Hyperion EOS 0720i SUPER DUO3 7S CHARGER.



Part Number: HP-EOS0720iSDUO3


Product Description

The Super DUO is not to be confused with past models bearing the 0720 designation as they were all single-port chargers. This charger is sporting two identical output ports, each port capable of providing 500W of raw charging power. "0720" is to be interpreted as 7 Cells max - 20Amps max - per port, being a DUO charger. In order to provide all 500W per channel (1000W total), the Super DUO needs 24V-28V of input voltage but can naturally also be operated on lower input voltages (from 11V).



  • DC Input
  • With Integrated balancers
  • TCS & STORE MODE- DUAL 20A/500W max Outputs with max 14S SYNC MODE
  • Hyperion's most powerful charger to date!
  • 1000W total - 500W per port
  • Charger delivered with HP and XH lipo adapter plates
  • USB cable and clips.
  • EOS 0720i SDUO3 DC INPUT 11V~28V
  • Charge a split-pack in network mode using both ports for up to 14S at 1000W max.

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Please dounload Latest Firmware for EOS0720iSDUO3 Charger.

Firmware Download(Ver5.94 for EOS0720iSDUO3)


Caution : When you charge the HV Lipo Batteries

When you charge the HV Lipo Batteries using Hyperion EOS Series Chargers, please choose the HVLI mode at Battery Types.

(You must NOT choose this (HVLI) mode for NORMAL Lipo Bateries. It’s dangerous and cause the fire by overcharge. )



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