Hyperion G7 Si-Graphene SV Standard Voltage pack


Hyperion G7 Si-Graphene SV

Standard Voltage Series
50C&70C max types debut!!

Hyperion, the leader in quality Lithium batteries for almost two decades, has just released a Lithium battery like none other; the Hyperion G7 4.2V
Standard-Voltage Silicon-Graphene Pack performs at a whole new level, after more than two years of R&D the future is here.

"One Year Manufactures warranty on defects "!!
Part Number
Description Price
50Cmax Type
HP-G750C0160S1SVUM G7 1S 160mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) w/ Ultra Micro Connector Price$5.95
HP-G750C0300S2SV G7 2S 300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$11.95
HP-G750C0850S2SV G7 2S 850mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$11.95
HP-G750C0850S3SV G7 3S 850mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$14.95
HP-G750C0850S4SV G7 4S 850mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$16.95
HP-G750C1100S2SV G7 2S 1100mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$13.95
HP-G750C1100S3SV G7 3S 1100mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$16.95
HP-G750C1100S4SV G7 4S 1100mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$20.95
HP-G750C1300S2SV G7 2S 1300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$13.95
HP-G750C1300S3SV G7 3S 1300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$18.95
HP-G750C1300S4SV G7 4S 1300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$22.95
HP-G750C1600S2SV G7 2S 1600mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$15.95
HP-G750C1600S3SV G7 3S 1600mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$21.95
HP-G750C1600S4SV G7 4S 1600mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$27.95
HP-G750C2200S2SV G7 2S 2200mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$19.95
HP-G750C2200S3SV G7 3S 2200mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$27.95
HP-G750C2200S4SV G7 4S 2200mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$35.95
HP-G750C2600S2SV G7 2S 2600mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$22.95
HP-G750C2600S3SV G7 3S 2600mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$31.95
HP-G750C2600S4SV G7 4S 2600mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$39.95
HP-G750C3300S2SV G7 2S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$29.95
HP-G750C3300S3SV G7 3S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$40.95
HP-G750C3300S4SV G7 4S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$53.95
HP-G750C3300S5SV G7 5S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$65.95
HP-G750C3300S6SV G7 6S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$77.95
HP-G750C4000S2SV G7 2S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$33.95
HP-G750C4000S3SV G7 3S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$48.95
HP-G750C4000S4SV G7 4S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$62.95
HP-G750C4000S5SV G7 5S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$77.95
HP-G750C4000S6SV G7 6S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$90.95
HP-G750C5000S2SV G7 2S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$40.95
HP-G750C5000S3SV G7 3S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$58.95
HP-G750C5000S4SV G7 4S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$76.95
HP-G750C5000S5SV G7 5S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$94.95
HP-G750C5000S6SV G7 6S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$113.95
HP-G750C10000S6SV G7 6S 10000mAh Si-Graphene 50Cmax (4.2V) Price$209.95
70Cmax Type
HP-G770C0850S2SV G7 2S 850mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$13.95
HP-G770C0850S3SV G7 3S 850mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$17.95
HP-G770C0850S4SV G7 4S 850mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$20.95
HP-G770C1100S2SV G7 2S 1100mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$14.95
HP-G770C1100S3SV G7 3S 1100mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$19.95
HP-G770C1100S4SV G7 4S 1100mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$24.95
HP-G770C1600S2SV G7 2S 1600mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$19.95
HP-G770C1600S3SV G7 3S 1600mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$26.95
HP-G770C1600S4SV G7 4S 1600mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$34.95
HP-G770C1800S2SV G7 2S 1800mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$19.95
HP-G770C1800S3SV G7 3S 1800mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$27.95
HP-G770C1800S4SV G7 4S 1800mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$35.95
HP-G770C2200S2SV G7 2S 2200mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$23.95
HP-G770C2200S3SV G7 3S 2200mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$32.95
HP-G770C2200S4SV G7 4S 2200mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$43.95
HP-G770C2600S2SV G7 2S 2600mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$26.95
HP-G770C2600S3SV G7 3S 2600mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$38.95
HP-G770C2600S4SV G7 4S 2600mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$49.95
HP-G770C3300S2SV G7 2S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$33.95
HP-G770C3300S3SV G7 3S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$48.95
HP-G770C3300S4SV G7 4S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$63.95
HP-G770C3300S5SV G7 5S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$78.95
HP-G770C3300S6SV G7 6S 3300mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$89.95
HP-G770C4000S2SV G7 2S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$40.95
HP-G770C4000S3SV G7 3S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$57.95
HP-G770C4000S4SV G7 4S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$73.95
HP-G770C4000S5SV G7 5S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$91.95
HP-G770C4000S6SV G7 6S 4000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$109.95
HP-G770C5000S2SV G7 2S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$47.95
HP-G770C5000S3SV G7 3S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$69.95
HP-G770C5000S4SV G7 4S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$89.95
HP-G770C5000S5SV G7 5S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$109.95
HP-G770C5000S6SV G7 6S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$130.95
HP-G770C5000S7SV G7 7S 5000mAh Si-Graphene 70Cmax (4.2V) Price$147.95