2845-2750 Kv motor with 70A ESC
12-Blade 70mm EDF Unit
Ball-link Control Surfaces for No-slop
Digital Metal Gear Servos






- High Quality CA Formula
- Thin, Medium, and Thick Viscosity

Only $3.95usd



Perfect for Beginners, Fun to Fly
No Glue Required
10 Minute Assembly Time
Quick Release Wing
15 Minute+ Flights with 3S 1300mah
































・7" 1280x800px HD Gloss Screen Display
・72 Degrees Field-of-View!

・Integrated 5.8GHz VRX 32CH Receiver
・HDMI input
・External AV Input
・Audio Speaker








Heavy-Duty EVA Construction
Fits Most Transmitters
Carry Your Transmitter With Ease
Only $15.95usd







Hyperion 2.4GHz 6channel Receiver
Spread Spectrum / PPM Compatible


Quadcopter Travel Backpack
・Waterproof  with PVC coating
・Multiple Pockets and Pouches
・Precut protective foam insert for
  DJI Style quads including the
  Vision2 and Phantom






INSPIRE1 – Creativity Unleashed
Transforming Design
4K Camera
Full-Featured APP
Vision Positioning System

Buy DJI Inspire1



 Hyperion High-Capacity Batteries for HeadPlay & FatShark, 1150mAh. $13.95usd   




Phantom3 – Professional
4K video / 12MP Photo Camera
3-Axis Gimbal
Live HD View
Vision Positioning for Indoor Flight

Buy DJI Phantom 3 Pro!

Vortex – Race Quad
285-sized foldable Mini-Quad
Carbon Fiber Frame
Integrated Flight Controller
Full-graphic OSD
Integrated 40ch 5.8Ghz Video Tx
Motor and ESC included

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